Letter from the 2022 President

Thank you for taking time to visit this website. Want to know what GCCE does? How can it benefit YOU?  Read on…

When I was first hired as president/chief executive of a chamber of commerce (in 2005), I became busier than ever and had new issues to tackle. Issues related to local business members, board of directors’ members, staff members, government affairs and more.

I received notices about GCCE meetings, but my schedule was always too hectic to attend. Then one month a HUGE issue arose, and I had a gut feeling I would find ANSWERS if I could just make it to a GCCE meeting.

Well, my gut feeling proved correct. It took about 5 hours for me to drive to the meeting, attend the meeting, and drive back. But during that time, I gathered expert advice and ideas for new strategies, and I returned to my chamber ENRICHED. And it was FREE! (Just the cost of gas and my time.)

Over the past fifteen years, I have attended over one hundred GCCE meetings and I’m still eager to go each month. I served previously as GCCE President in 2012. I have gained a network of impressive contacts, developed amazing friendships, and have mentored other young professionals in the chamber world.

If this sounds interesting to you, make GCCE a priority this year for yourself. You can find the 2022 meeting calendar here: (link)

If your business is seeking to make contacts with chamber executives, we also have valuable opportunities for you. You can connect at the annual Leadership Conference and through Associate Membership.

Let me know how I can help YOU to get connected in 2022!

Page Michel, IOM
President, Texas City-La Marque Chamber of Commerce

President – Page Michel
Texas City, LaMarque Chamber of Commerce

Vice President – Jane Hinze
Brenham/Washington Co. Chamber of Commerce

Secretary – Kristin Weiss
Central Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce

Treasurer – Kari Werner
Houston West Chamber of Commerce

Managing Consultant – Tracey Wheeler
Baytown Chamber (281/422-8359)